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Reduce time-to-value by 45%

Great East London's BPM services can dramatically improve your business agility and cut the time-to-value on changes to your systems.

In 2007, Great East London helped the FX Business of a tier-one German Investment Bank by migrating their Revaluation Process onto a Enterprise System.

By deploying a template-based, workflow-oriented solution, with powerful visualisation tools, we substantially improved the timeliness and quality of their results.

Furthermore, careful process design facilitated easy extension into New York and Asia, reducing the time-to-value for supporting new regions by 45%.

Raise productivity by 30%

Gartner have shown that simply defining your roles and processes can bring productivity increases of 12%, even before any optimisation has taken place.

This principle was demonstrated in 2009 when Great East London helped a major European Equities Business to move their month-end Independent Price Verification (IPV) process from spreadsheets to a robust workflow-based system.

The benefits were significant and immediate: the new system boosted productivity by over 30%, making it possible to verify all the positions in the timeframe available, whereas previously only a subset had been achieved.

Furthermore, the backlog of exceptions from previous months was cleared down, resolving several compliance issues, and an aspiration to move towards a daily IPV process became viable.

Achieve an ROI of 285% on technology spend

Great East London BPM services give you a new tool for delivering change quickly and effectively.

By helping Business Groups and IT to better understand each other, the pain of change, and the associated costs of failed collaboration, can be minimised.

The result is that technology projects are delivered faster, and achieve more of their business goals, leading to a higher Return On Investment on your technology spend.

In 2011, Great East London worked with a major German Wealth Manager to modernise their Client Valuations process.

Inconsistencies and a lack of auditability meant that the customer was facing substantial fines from global regulators.

Within three months, Great East London had revolutionised the Client Valuations process, bringing in BPM methodologies and moving to a workflow-based system.
Improved controls and audit trails led to regulatory fines being avoided, and this in itself generated an ROI in excess of 285%.

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