Our Role - Bringing You BPM Success

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We offer our customers a complete integrated BPM service. From formulating a strategy, right through to analysis, design, development and support, and building in-house competencies in BPM, our customers get no-nonsense, rapid delivery that is tailored to their needs and helps them maximise their competitive advantage.

With our experience, tools, uniquely proven methodology, technical excellence and uncompromising focus on customer satisfaction, we can help in the following ways:

Supporting Every Step

We provide an integrated approach that uses our proven methodology to deliver strategic analysis, design and development. With our extensive system engineering background and our expertise in world-leading BPM solutions, we can support even the most challenging project through from inception to delivery, ensuring a smooth, successful transformation.


  • We'll guide you from design to delivery
  • Fewer vendors to manage
  • We make a long-term commitment to your success
  • An efficient and effective approach

Unbiased Assessment, Practical Advice

We give straightforward advice on a customer's readiness to adopt BPM, and help them make the right decision on which route to take. As an independent, we are able to impartially assess the plethora of existing BPM technologies and give clear advice on which to use, and why.


  • Frank advice meaning better decisions
  • The right solution for your budget
  • Minimised product selection risk

Upgrade, Update, Merge, Migrate

Corporate actions as businesses grow, and legacy strategies once they are mature, can leave customers with several BPM efforts on the go simultaneously.

For customers who have already taken on a BPM platform, or who have several needing merging, we can help develop and deliver a strategy for upgrading, migration to new standards, and cross-platform consolidation.


  • Remove duplication, reduce costs
  • Upgrade to the newest standards
  • Simplify your platforms

Reporting, the way you want it

Timely, accurate, relevant reports are vital to good business decisions at all levels. We ensure that our customers get the reports they want, on the schedule they need.


  • Reports designed with your needs in mind
  • Excellent graphics and visualisations
  • View KPIs and SLA compliance in real-time

Plugging in to your world

Because we have a background in enterprise systems and complex integration, we can help customers to connect their BPM system into their existing enterprise landscape.


  • Leverage existing SOA and enterprise assets
  • New services can be created where needed
  • High quality, reliable integrations

Develop your BPM Capacity

We can help our customers to establish an in-house Centre of Excellence for BPM, ensuring the long term realisation of process transformation across multiple business programmes, with a consistent, well governed, efficient and scalable standards-based approach.


  • Develops your company's BPM capabilities
  • Maximises the advantages of BPM
  • Fosters continuous process improvement

Boost Your Current Team

Our belief in co-existence and co-operation and our commitment to customer satisfaction means we work closely with your existing teams, providing the necessary BPM expertise to complement the skills of your in-house staff or your outsourced development partner.


  • Friendly, helpful team-mates
  • Improve time-to-value delivery
  • Harness our skills, leadership and initiative