Careers with Great East London

Great East London is always looking out for great new team members who share our vision.

Right now, we're looking for the following individuals to join our expert network:

  • Coders: all disciplines, but especially Java and Python. Finance experience, especially with quant libraries such as QSTK and jQuantLib, is greatly preferable.
  • Mathematicians: to help our clients back up their decisions with hard numbers. Your strengths will lie in modeling and methodologies.
  • Strategists: you'll have a good understanding of organisational structures, decision-making and risk management, in a financial services context.
  • Project managers: you'll be a "catalyst PM", who removes obstacles and speeds delivery. You'll be an expert in agile development, whilst able to draw parallels to older waterfall methods.
  • Data scientists: you'll be adept at sourcing and handling stats, and able to construct models tailored to customers' specific needs.

Generally, you must be excellent in your academic background and career, a life-long learner, self-starting and self-guiding, resourceful, keen to share skills and learn from others in the organisation, and with a strong belief in tackling challenges and self-actualisation.

We want to hear from you - please drop us a line.

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Careers with us

Great East London needs coders, mathematicians, strategists and project managers!
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If you have any questions about what we can do for you, or any suggestions for us, we'd love to hear from you. Please drop us a line by email or by phone on +44 [0] 8703 500435.

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