G1AX Analytics Engine

Client: German Tier I Investment Bank
Asset class: FX
Project type: Strategic System Design and Implementation, Software Integration, Process Creation
Region: Global

Great East London specialises in enterprise level quantitative-finance-processors for creating complex mathematical analytical objects. G1AX was constructed as the core analytics system for the FX trading business of one of the world's most successful investment banks, and went live in the summer of 2008. Features of the system include:

  • Multi-user support for hundreds of users across dozens of trading desks
  • Rich user interface with real-time visual updates as users calibrate their models
  • Sandbox mechanism which lets traders test out new models before promoting them to the business
  • Automatic user authentication from the desktop, so the system is always ready to use
  • Seamless asynchronous integration with the client's cross-business market data systems
  • Scheduler allows traders to build and submit their models even when away from their desks
  • Built-in expression language allows users spreadsheet-like maths capabilities in a stable environment
  • Security and auditing mechanism manages ownership and keeps traders' models safe

The G1AX platform is a formidable technology asset that provides consistency, transparency, robustness, speed, control and precision to the client's critical business processes and the data upon which they depend.

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