Global IPV

Client: European Tier I Investment Bank
Asset class: Mixed
Project type: Strategic Business Consulting, Strategic System Design, Software Integration

We are working across all major asset classes, helping the client organisation to revolutionise their risk management and PnL processes by developing an all-new cross-business, global Independent Pricing function.

Areas of activity include:

  • Analysing mathematical techniques for construction of flexible multi-methodology financial models.
  • Advising third-party suppliers on the client's requirements and overseeing the implementation of those requirements.
  • Deploying an embedded consulting team to carry out Business Analysis, Technical Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Support of major strategic systems within the IPV process.
  • Liaising with different groups within the client organisation and organising knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Assisting the client's project management team to understand the risks and likely challenges to their project, and taking pro-active steps to help them mitigate.
  • Mapping out a workflow flexible enough to apply to all asset classes without losing necessary structure.

What people are saying about us

The system is amazing. I used to only imagine this kind of thing, but now, here it is in front of me - FX Trader, G1AX project

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