EQUINOX Analytics Engine

Client: German Tier I Investment Bank
Asset class: Equities
Project type: Strategic System Design and Implementation, Software Integration, Process Creation
Region: Global

Great East London specialises in enterprise level quantitative-finance-processors for creating complex mathematical analytical objects. EQUINOX was constructed as the key equities modelling system for one of the world's leading investment banks.

  • Rich interactive workflow environment allows users to build their models, visualise them, amend them, and submit them to the bank's central data services
  • User tools include volatility heat maps, step-by-step model build visualisation, comparative charting and bulk parametric views
  • Intelligent rules-based data filtering and build methodologies
  • Sandbox mechanism for what-if scenarios
  • Automatic user authentication from the desktop, no passwords required
  • Role-aligned UI gives users in each workflow a custom asset breakdown and process view
  • Seamless asynchronous integration with the client's cross-asset market data systems
  • Stateless, event-driven behaviour minimises support workload and maximises system uptime
  • Security and auditing mechanism tracks the process and makes it easy to reconstruct events
  • Underlying architecture enables horizontal scaling and easy server virtualisation

With unrivalled visualisation and a logical, flexible workflow accessing a powerful extensible analytics core, the EQUINOX platform takes user-interactive financial modelling to a new level.

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We used to do all this by hand, but now I just click a button and it appears. I find myself clicking it again just to see it - Equities Head of Desk, PEGASUS project

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