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Enterprise technology can revolutionise your business. The options available are wide ranging and may seem hard to navigate, but with the right guidance it is possible to realise huge gains in productivity and measurable improvements in the way your business works.
Enterprise technology value proposition
Systems that are more stable, faster and more scalable than traditional software. Able to support large numbers of users performing complex collaborative tasks, with rich security and audit features, and allowing sophisticated data integration for reporting and monitoring.

Typical user-facing features might include:

  • Multi-user support for hundreds or thousands of users
  • Rich user interface with real-time visual updates as users go about their work
  • Sandbox mechanisms, allowing users to carry out scenarios and store part-finished tasks
  • Automatic user authentication from the desktop, verified by the user's Windows login
  • Seamless integration with existing market data, management data and reporting systems
  • Automated tasks to do heavy lifting - can be activated to a regular schedule, driven by simple or complex events, or triggered by user actions
  • Security and auditing mechanism manages ownership of work and keeps users collaborating in safety

Infrastructure features can include:

  • A clustered or cloud-based computing platform, to provide flexibility, scalability and cut hardware costs
  • Asynchronous and synchronous messaging technologies (e.g. Tib, FIX, JMS, SOAP), which allow integration of data between systems across the enterprise
  • Replicated databases to provide automatic backup of critical data and synchronisation across regions and business sites
  • Data caches to provide faster and more resilient data management across distributed systems
  • Integration with web or mobile technology to provide multiple modes of access
  • Integration with third-party products to leverage those investments (including reporting systems, external data sources, accounting systems, CRM, ERP, DM and SCM systems, among many others)
  • Integration as a major component in a BPM Solution

At Great East London we can help you to make the best Enterprise Technology choices, in the following ways:

  • Translating your business goals into operational requirements
  • Scoping the extent of business change, informing change strategy, prioritisation and planning
  • Process analysis, design and optimisation
  • Computing infrastructure guidance, selection and configuration
  • Third party product selection and integration, and practical action on leveraging of existing technology investments
  • Legacy and disinvest system migration and decommissioning
  • Guidance on using Open Source technologies
  • Bespoke system design, implementation, deployment and maintenance
  • Access to our design and component libraries

Our enterprise engineering teams enable you to navigate this complex area, maximising use of your existing investments and getting directly to the right enterprise technology solution for your business.

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