PEGASUS Front Office Suite

Client: London-based Hedge Fund
Asset class: Mixed
Project type: Strategic System Design and Implementation, Legacy Mitigation, Software Integration

Great East London understands the needs of a client's specific business, and creates software to overcome their specific challenges. PEGASUS was a suite of lightweight trading tools created for a hedgefund looking to automate their trading activities with minimal cost and lead time. Features include:

  • A dynamic orderbook and position-tracking dealer-aid
  • Real-time P&L and risk reporting tools
  • Integrated MIS reporting
  • Multi-user and multi-book support
  • Low-cost integration with leading market-data vendors
  • Customisable plug-ins to major Prime Brokerage providers
  • Java core with Excel integration for rapid deployment, extensibility and compatibility with existing technologies

What people are saying about us

The system is amazing. I used to only imagine this kind of thing, but now, here it is in front of me - FX Trader, G1AX project

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